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Monday, June 3, 2013

Raw Beet Ravioli

Beets* are one of those veggies I've only ever eaten cooked (partially because I only discovered that I liked them a couple of years ago). I was a little scared to try it after my non-vegan family had tried it during a cleanse several months ago and it didn't go over well. But all the other vegans are doing it, so why not? Bad recipes rarely persist. Therefore it stood to reason that there must be something to this beet ravioli craze.

The cashew cheese filling in this is AMAZING! The quiet fortitude of the tarragon combined with the subtlety of the green onion made the meal seem less like a glorified salad and more like a hearty dinner.

I had my doubts about the yellow bell pepper purée at first though. Post-taste, I glanced up at my sister and squinted: "More lemon juice? More salt maybe? What about black pepper or basil?" Nope, she assured me. It was fine the way it was. And she was right. Before I remembered to tweak, my ravioli was half-eaten. Yum!

*high in folate (37% DV), potassium (13%), manganese (22%), vitamin C (11%), and iron (6%). Russell James recently sent out a link to this video that describes beet benefits for athletes.

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