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Monday, June 10, 2013

Barbecue Shroom Sandwiches

*This post is labeled as Raw and Vegan. The Udi's gluten-free whole grain bread pictured below is cooked and contains egg-whites. Substitute a diffferent bread to suit your dietary needs.

One day during my long commute, my nose caught a whiff of something akin to barbecue sauce, leaving me with a sudden and inexplicable craving for pulled pork sandwiches. Seriously?! Pork was my original inspiration for becoming a vegetarian! Weird, huh? Granted, it was late, and I was famished and very open to suggestion.

Well a few miles down the road, it hit me. In my fridge were mushrooms and a bottle of Saz's gluten-free barbecue sauce. (It tastes great on bean burgers, so why not?) Chop, chop. Glug, glug, a handful of alfalfa sprouts for good measure. Five-minute supper, done.

Now, I will say this. The barbecue sauce (which was the Vidalia Onion variety) was sweeter than I would have preferred, but as a whole, the sandwich was pretty tasty. If I were to do it again (and I will), I'd probably opt for making a homemade sauce that had a darker, smokier flavour such as the one featured on The Simple Lens (except I never have beer on hand...).

*P.S. Here's an article by Bon Appetit about their favourite gluten-free beers.

Of course, you can't have a barbecue without chips! But skip those deep-fried potato slices, and try these raw kale chips by Rhythm Superfoods (pictured: zesty nacho). If you don't like spicy food (and even the kool "ranch" flavour has a bit of a kick), they also sell sweet potato chips.

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