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Monday, June 24, 2013

Raw Beet Nori Rolls (2 ways)

Here's something I've been wanting to try for quite some time: rice-less nori rolls. There were still beets left over from Ravioli night that I needed to use, and a recipe from Russell James that had been sitting in my queue for months. So it seemed like a no-brainer: it was time.

This is a really simple recipe - only six ingredients. My beet sauce came out a bit chunkier than his. Maybe my beet was larger; maybe I didn't blend it long enough. Flavour? Fresh, but not too significant. Next time, I'll add more lemon juice... and an avocado. Biggest problem: I didn't sprout enough alfalfa! Man, I could have eaten three or four of these easily.

Back to the drawing board... Hey, I have jicama!

The gal at Simple Raw Life says, "Don't process it too much or it will become too mushy." ... I should have listened. Consistency ended up far too close to coconut, which is a HUGE deal-breaker for me. Plus, I don't think I squeezed out enough water. Still, I felt like it was much more meal-like than the alfalfa.

I dunno... So far, my vote still goes to old-fashioned sushi. But one of these days, maybe I'll try it with hummus or a nut paté, or parsnip rice if I'm feeling really adventurous.

Meanwhile, the beet purée persists. Oh look, zucchini! Add a bit of bell pepper and a sprinkling of tarragon, and bam, I live to eat another day.

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