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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Raw Collard Wraps

So... yesterday was a holiday, right? Very deceiving. I forgot it was Monday - sorry about that!

Okay, now anyone who has been a vegan for long has heard of collard wraps. They're one of the staples for plant-based life-forms. Can you believe it that I was vegan for over a year before making one of my own? (I did eat a Raw "Chili Cheese Burrito" at Ecopolitan.

Tomato, Carrot, Yellow Capsicum, Alfalfa Sprouts, and Mushroom
Tip #1: Don't be shy. Obviously, your collard needs to be able to close, but you want to feel like you actually ate something when you're done.

Tip #2: Use some kind of spread and/or dressing (italian-style is my preference) to add a little pop of flavor. It's like eating a salad... without a fork.

Tip #3: It may look prettier to wrap from the narrow end of the leaf to the outer edge, but it's easier to maintain a uniform shape when starting from the wide end.
Besides sprouting the alfalfa (which you could buy...), this meal is simple and fast. I just stood at the counter, trimmed the main stem, and sliced the veggies directly into the leaf.

If you like having a few recipes to follow, or simply to inspire:
Here's one from Edible Perspective.
And another from "Avocado Pesto."
And one involving sprouted quinoa from The Sprouted Kitchen.

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