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Monday, December 3, 2012

Greek Sandwich (Vegan Gyros??)

*This post is labeled nut-free. However, some individuals with nut allergies may have a reaction to sesame seeds (contained in the hummus).

Gyros, shawarma, and tacos al pastor are variations of doner kebabs, by definition "meat roasted on a spit." Though my family makes lamb and tzatziki on "Greek night," I make my own GF lafa (a pocketless pita which I jokingly refer to as "non-bread") and stuff it with hummus, tomato, cucumber, lentils, and Mahatma saffron yellow rice.  (Note: this is one of my few packaged products indulgences. I never seem to get the same effect making it from scratch.)

Okay, the lafa was not very pliable, making this meal somewhat difficult to eat, but it is so delicious and definitely worth both the work and the mess. Then again I'm still in the experimenting stages with the whole GF flour thing, so I'm bound to find the right ratio eventually... right?

Yes! A 1:1 ratio of GF flour and water with a dash of flax meal fried in a skillet makes a pancake-like lafa. Keep the temperature a little lower than medium so the lafa cooks thoroughly.

 See those beautifully golden brussels sprouts? Learn how to make your own here.

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