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Monday, April 1, 2013

Coffee Cake

What do ice cream cones, silly putty, the Leaning Tower of Pisa have in common?

They were all accidental successes. Like this gluten-free coffee cake:

...... It was supposed to be a pan of cinnamon rolls, but for whatever reason, the "dough" ended up more like batter. Definitely not conducive to rolling. I still have no idea what happened. But the original recipe didn't specify which GF all-purpose flour to use. This one was made with Bob's Red Mill.

Fresh from the oven, the insides were on the gummy side... but in a good way. Each day, it got a little firmer, but be careful it doesn't dry out too much! Next time, I'll actually mix the cinnamon-sugar topping/filling into the cake and possibly even increase the amount of sugar.

No complaints here. I've been downright desperate for a decent baked good lately, and I was grateful to find such a simple solution :)

*Nut allergies? Substitute almond milk for rice or soy variety, and you're set!

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