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Monday, January 28, 2013

Creamy Kale

Kale is beautiful. So this week, I really wanted to do something with it that was a little different than my usual cozy mushroom kale. Being slightly envious of my roommate's hunk of Brie, I decided to try out this recipe from Hungry Hungry Hippie.

Honestly, I did everything wrong. First I left the kale wilting too long. Then, after adding the sauce, I figured the dishes weren't going to wash themselves... FYI: I can't multitask. Case in point: the little moisture in my creamy sauce cooked off, and I was left with an almost solid mass of cashew kale.

But here's the good news: It was a very delicious mass - good enough, in fact, that my (non-vegan) sister urged me, "Hang on to this one. It's definitely worth repeating."

When I was little, my aunt told me her kids wouldn't eat broccoli unless she put cheese sauce on it. Cheesy broccoli never sounded persuading enough for me as a child, but I think kids would enjoy this (if they're brave enough to try it).

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