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Monday, March 4, 2013

Vanilla Pear Fruit Leather

Aren't they beautiful? I meant to get a picture of the inside (the actual fruit!), but amidst all the road-trip preparations, I downright forgot. In fact, I almost forgot to eat one. Thankfully, they were misplaced en route to Texas and made it all the way home. Relieved, I peeled back the parchment and took a reverent bite.

Texture was a little grainy. Flavour was dark and assertive, though more gentle than domineering, like the woodsman who rescues Little Red Riding Hood. Until my first taste of that fruit leather, I had no idea that food could make a person feel so safe.

The recipe was discovered on an otherwise normal September, except for the fact we were anticipating the arrival of a boxful of pears from our local co-op. Pears, agave, and vanilla blended until smooth and dehydrated: it doesn't get much easier than that. And for traveling vegans, it's a God-send. Now with spring just around the corner, we can look forward to trying other seasonal fruit flavours in the near future.

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