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Monday, September 10, 2012

Banana Bread: Love At Third Bite

*Due to being late again (FYI: timed posts don't work), Herbaceous Babe presents a double-feature for your culinary pleasure.

The problem with "transition foods" is that we often expect the alternative to taste like the original. Such was the case with this raw banana bread.

The taste was surprisingly subtle, even slightly bitter. Nevertheless, I found myself coming back for more. Dense though it is, I thought I'd eat the entire sheet...

This is not a very labour-intensive recipe, assuming you have the almond meal and carrot pulp on-hand. Who does that? Bear with me for a moment.

Making nut milk is easy-peasy. Click here.

If you don't make your own juice (or simply don't save the pulp), just grate a few carrots and squeeze out excess liquid. More liquid won't hurt; it'll just take a bit longer in the dehydrator.

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